Saturday, 8 December 2012

Trafalgar Square

As part of a day trip myself and a group of other students went to the Trafalgar Square. Outside was a man called Gavin. He had a hat full of chalk and a day off. Scrawled on the ground was the London tube logo and arrows with destinations coming off it. He said that he wanted to see where people had come from seeing that this is a major tourist attraction. We joined in and added 'University of Westminster' to the map. These are a few photo's that i took whilst we were there.

We then had/stole the idea of seeing how diverse the nationalities were. We sent round a sketchbook asking people their name, their nationality and how to say hello in their language. The feedback was great and we spent quite a lot of time talking to people, its amazing how everyone can speak some english. Handy too. This was what we ended with.


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