Saturday, 8 December 2012

Representational means.

This was another 3 week exercise to explore and examine the means by which we represent ideas, objects and events within the world. Using the single representational system i was given, numerical, i was to produce a design or idea which represents some aspect of an interviewee. After watching a documentary by the BBC called Ruled by Numbers i realised that this was going to be a lot harder than  originally thought. This is just my initial notes and brief.

I straight away started to brain storm everything i could think of to do with numerics, i looked at how this could be displayed and then i looked into omega just to kickstart my research.

After a few hours of googling and bookmarking i got really interested in codes, after a while i realised that i've probably made it a lot more complicated than it had to be, after all this is only a 3 week project.

I wanted to create something that was interactive and interesting, so by chance i stumbled across origami. And remembered those little foldable games that i had at school. After making a few and working things out i've decided to try and portray my information using one of these, where people can find out for themselves, and by chance. Much like i did with the idea itself.


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