Friday, 7 December 2012

Karen M O'Leary

Whilst in the process of completing my week on maps i came across this hidden gem. During my last year of college i took a real intrest in paper cutting, i think it came from hours in the print room. I saved so many artists in my 'college' folder and have only recently been going through them. This is when i came across, Karen M O'Leary. I almost forgot how beautiful paper can be. Such a simple idea, so intricate. Of course i printed all of these off and they went straight into my sketchbook on mapping. 

This is the introduction of her work from 'Amusing Planet.' Which i found saved in my bookmarks. 

'Artist Karen M. O’Leary creates detailed maps of famous cities by carving them on a single sheet of paper. She first prints the map on heavy-weight paper then painstakingly cuts out the unwanted regions to leave a tangled and delicate web of paper streets. Her paper cut-out maps sells at Etsy at an astounding $1000+ a piece.' 

You can find the original post HERE.
I have included quite a lot of examples, probably too many. But i love them so much i found it very hard to choose between them. 


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