Friday, 30 November 2012

Summarising Week One.

To summarise week one, i had to back track through all my sketchbooks and notes. Which to be honest has helped a lot, you know when you look back at your work come the end of the school year and kick yourself because you could have done so much more? Well I've had that feeling and now i have enough time to go back over the Christmas holidays and get it all up to scratch. Here are just a few photos during the week.

Figure and ground: Using the initials of your name, you are required to produce two designs, one for each initial, which explore the use of negative and positive space and the interplay between figure and ground. The aim is to push the designs to create ambiguity, and challenge our perception of the forms. (This is a three week ongoing project.)

Project brief and my initial typeface choices. 

Double page spread of experimentation concentrating on positive and negative space.
Space between two points: Individually record/document the space between two points using line/lines only. (This is a single afternoon exercise.)

Line drawings from journey points a to b.

Further line drawings from point a to b.


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