Thursday, 29 November 2012

Its been a long old four months since i last posted and here is why:

  1. I enrolled at Westminster University.
  2. I moved to London. 
  3. I have no social life outside my flat. 
  4. I don't seem to have any spare time. 
  5. I've run out of rubbish excuses. 
This is why I'm here today:

  1. Get back into the habit of blogging because this really should be my life now. 
  2. To get myself motivated and therefore do more coursework. 
  3. To document my findings and hopefully make it a lot easier to research. 
  4. To feel like im achieving something on a day to day basis. Yes im going to blog everyday or should i say try to. 
And thats about it. I've decided to back track and summarize my weeks since i've been here and then progress to daily. On that note i have an essay on Modernism to finish.


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