Tuesday, 15 May 2012

My Adventure In Paris

Next Stop: Finding Stan a Cup of Tea. 
My boyfriend Stan had being going on about a cup of tea for hours, i've always been more of a black coffee person so i was surviving quite well, there is a Starbucks every 10 minutes in the town center thankfully. But after walking around for good hour we come across something wonderful, 'Tea by The'. The closest thing to a cup of tea that we were going to get was a Vanilla Earl Grey that had a similar latte froth on top. It was served with a straw, very strange. But i was a lot more impressed with the cup. Beautiful logo, great name ('Tea' in English, 'The' the French translation. Seeing as Tea is an English thing i assumed that this name basically meant...Tea by the French. And may i add they did a wonderful job.), and an even better typeface. I like things clean. 


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