Friday, 30 March 2012

My Adventure in Paris.

Next Stop: The Eiffel Tower.
Obviously when you go to any county the trademark landmark has to be on your list of places to go to. So we arrived at the Eiffel Tower and Stan (the boyfriend) said only that it was a lot bigger than he thought. I on the other hand had my camera out like a typical tourist, But not for those cheesy "i'm pinching the top" photos. I was more interested in the structure, and amazed by how even though its  solid iron it was almost delicate. How it almost looked like lace in its own way. These would definitely make extraordinary repeat patterns.

My Adventure In Paris.

Next stop: The Padlock Bridge.
Now i have seen this magical bridge on other blogs along my online travels but didn't even attempt to find it, as you know there are a lot of bridges in Paris. But as i left Notre Dame i walked straight over it, and of course was ecstatic. Hundreds if not Thousands of padlocks filled the Bridge, with ribbons and notes attached, each one with their own special message. 

 I obviously had to join the tradition and made my way to the nearest shop, where i purchased a 10 euro padlock. Yes, 10 euros. Nevertheless it was well worth it. And what is a romantic weekend away without a little momentum. We'll be in Paris together, always.

My Adventure In Paris.

My first stop: Notre Dame.
I have a certain soft spot for churches but what i saw made my stomach tighten with excitement. 

The boyfriend wasn't as enthusiastic as i was.

After researching the works of Shawn Huckins, Chris Piascik, Johannes Baader, Hannah Hock and John Heartfield. As well as street artists, Bast, Influenza, Dave Warnke, Cisma, Space3 and Viagrafik. And probably the most inspiring, graphic street artist, Above, i set off to Paris to experience everything it had to offer first hand. What i came back with was remarkable, as you'll soon see.

Where it all began. my final major project research.

My Final major project began when i went to Portsmouth and found a long stretch of wall art through the outskirts of the town center that inspired me to take a closer look and street art and what it has to offer. I absolutely love how the layers of shape and colour are what final produce stunning pieces.