Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Walking With Words.

This is an experimental piece that i made one afternoon. Ive been trying to use images and text to lead people, almost like a trail. I wanted people to be interested, involved and enjoy what i've created. I used a popular stairwell and created a trail made up of the definition of stairs.

'Stairway, staircase, stairwell, flight of stairs, or simply stairs are names for a construction designed to bridge a large vertical distance by dividing it into smaller vertical distances, called steps. Stairways may be straight, round, or may consist of two or more straight pieces connected at angles.'

I then sat and watched as people followed the words up and out of the door. From the response i got from passers by i think this was very successful, and i shall continue to manipulate and develop this idea.

David Shrigley.

These are just a few of my favorite images by David Shrigley. What i particularly like is how he's taken something ordinary and make it almost confusingly shocking. Can something as simple as stating the obvious be seen as art? In my opinion yes it can. As a wise man once said...

“All in all, the creative act is not performed by the artist alone.. the spectator brings the work in contact with the external world by deciphering and interpreting its inner qualifications and thus adds his contribution to the creative act.”
Marcel Duchamp

Allen Ruppersberg.

My favorite prints by Allen Ruppersberg.


This is another image i found on tumblr some time last year, i saved it to my computer and almost forgot about it. If you haven't seen it already, i shall share it with you now. 'The signs feature a retro black-and-white photo of Lionel Richie along with the header "Hello?" and the caption "Is it me you're looking for?" At the bottom of the page are several tear-off strips, but instead of contact telephone numbers, each strip includes a lyric to "Hello."' I thought this was amazing, so i searched far and wide across the internet to find out that this is the only recorded image of the original piece. It was found in Brooklyn and its creator is still unknown. It sparked such an interest that the 'Hello' campaign was created. Hundreds of copies have since been spotted around the Brooklyn area. 
Best find of 2011 by far.
As seen on CNN!

Maxime Brunelle.

This is a small sample of Maxime Brunelle's work that really grabbed me. I think I'm going to look into existing text and see how i can manipulate that into my own work.

Sudden Motivation.

All i can think about is what I'm going to do for the next 11 days. I need to step up my game if I'm going to get anywhere.  So to help me out i have a lot of new inspiration and work to update you with. 

These are just a collection of images that i came across on tumblr, which sparked this sudden motivation.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

DC Entertainment, New Branding.

Warner Bros. entertainment company, DC Entertainment has revealed a new brand identity, and I'm very impressed. When i first heard about re branding for the digital age i was concerned, but this has genuinely made my morning. The new logo for both DC entertainment and DC comics were designed by brand design firm Landor Associates.

This new identity is completely versatile, it can be animated and customized across all media platforms helping to create a visual connection among the company.

Justin Wheatley

This morning i stumbled across the work of Justin Wheatley. He was born and raised in Clinton, Utah. After receiving a BFA from Utah State University he hit the Salt Lake City art scene and has participated in many exhibitions and art shows. I think ill start Monday off with some mixed media.

“Oh.. I wish I were an Oscar Mayer Wiener…”

  “Oh.. I wish I were an Oscar Mayer Wiener…” Designed by Donna Roggi

These packages are designed to remind us of the good ‘ole days, while still looking new and exciting. 'The illustration and design of the package is displayed in a friendly 1950′s, style to promote the nostalgia the company continues to bring to families around the world.'

Instead of living in tomorrow, 
why not live in yesterday for a change. 

Friday, 13 January 2012

Can You Read?

As part of my new project i was experimenting with the use of language. This was an experimental piece of photoshop. "According to a research at Cambridge University, it doesn't matter in what order the letters in a word are. The only important thing is that the first and last letter be in the right place. The rest can be a total mess and you can still read it without problem. This is because the human mind does not read every letter by itself, but the word as a whole." ( I decided to recreate this with an image i had already taken for an excisting project.Very successfull.

2012 New Start!

New project as of 10/01/2012 on going for 5 weeks.
Everything will be updated and uploaded as soon as possible.

Exciting stuff.

Kate MacDowell

Entangled, 12 ½"x10"x4 ½", handbuilt porcelain, cone 6 glaze, 6/2010. I love the detail in these pieces. In future, i need to get stuck in and get my hands dirty.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Looking for Red.

A series of the 'Red' in my working environment. I always enjoy how so much changes when you look as apposed to just seeing. More of this style to come.