Saturday, 8 December 2012

Representational means.

This was another 3 week exercise to explore and examine the means by which we represent ideas, objects and events within the world. Using the single representational system i was given, numerical, i was to produce a design or idea which represents some aspect of an interviewee. After watching a documentary by the BBC called Ruled by Numbers i realised that this was going to be a lot harder than  originally thought. This is just my initial notes and brief.

I straight away started to brain storm everything i could think of to do with numerics, i looked at how this could be displayed and then i looked into omega just to kickstart my research.

After a few hours of googling and bookmarking i got really interested in codes, after a while i realised that i've probably made it a lot more complicated than it had to be, after all this is only a 3 week project.

I wanted to create something that was interactive and interesting, so by chance i stumbled across origami. And remembered those little foldable games that i had at school. After making a few and working things out i've decided to try and portray my information using one of these, where people can find out for themselves, and by chance. Much like i did with the idea itself.

Trafalgar Square

As part of a day trip myself and a group of other students went to the Trafalgar Square. Outside was a man called Gavin. He had a hat full of chalk and a day off. Scrawled on the ground was the London tube logo and arrows with destinations coming off it. He said that he wanted to see where people had come from seeing that this is a major tourist attraction. We joined in and added 'University of Westminster' to the map. These are a few photo's that i took whilst we were there.

We then had/stole the idea of seeing how diverse the nationalities were. We sent round a sketchbook asking people their name, their nationality and how to say hello in their language. The feedback was great and we spent quite a lot of time talking to people, its amazing how everyone can speak some english. Handy too. This was what we ended with.

Figure and Ground Final Outcome.

Seeing as i've posted a few outcomes on my progress through the Figure and Ground project i thought i'd finish it off with my outcomes. My two initials that explore the use of negative and positive space between and the interplay between figure and ground. With these final outcomes i have tried to create ambiguity and challenge the perception of these forms.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Karen M O'Leary

Whilst in the process of completing my week on maps i came across this hidden gem. During my last year of college i took a real intrest in paper cutting, i think it came from hours in the print room. I saved so many artists in my 'college' folder and have only recently been going through them. This is when i came across, Karen M O'Leary. I almost forgot how beautiful paper can be. Such a simple idea, so intricate. Of course i printed all of these off and they went straight into my sketchbook on mapping. 

This is the introduction of her work from 'Amusing Planet.' Which i found saved in my bookmarks. 

'Artist Karen M. O’Leary creates detailed maps of famous cities by carving them on a single sheet of paper. She first prints the map on heavy-weight paper then painstakingly cuts out the unwanted regions to leave a tangled and delicate web of paper streets. Her paper cut-out maps sells at Etsy at an astounding $1000+ a piece.' 

You can find the original post HERE.
I have included quite a lot of examples, probably too many. But i love them so much i found it very hard to choose between them. 

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Summarising Week Five.

To continue with the figure and ground project i experimented with colour in terms of negative and positive space. Looking into existing similar works and typographic anatomy i could then move onto my final set of images.

 Another week project was set, this time it was a continuation of the documentation between two points project based on mapping. Using existing maps we were to challenge the idea of the map. This time we were ask ourselves, 'What is a map? What can be mapped? Why do we use maps? How do maps work? Are maps true? What gives maps their power?' 

China Town.

As part of a week long project we were set up in groups and given certain locations over London to visit and research. One that i really enjoyed was China Town near Covent Gardens. The colours, languages, food, smells were all so overwhelming. I had never been anywhere like it, so obviously this was a great place to start off on. My part of the research was to document what we saw, so i was the ultimate tourist. I was mostly drawn to decoration and the people around me. It seemed that even though it was mainly Chinese based a lot of the visitors/tourists were Chinese themselves. These are some of my favourite shots of the day.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Organic VS Artificial

This was a day exercise that led us to explore the representation of organic forms vs artificial forms. This was represented with naturally grown sticks and manufactured 'pick up sticks'. With only a minute to compete each one i eventually stuck to certain materials, mostly printing based, to complete this in a minute a piece.

Shepard Fairey

As i think i've probably mentioned in an earlier post, i attended the Shepard Fairey exhibition in brick lane. It was absolutely fantastic and so great to see pieces of work that i normally scroll through on line. Photographs do not do this work justice, with your own eyes it is so much more. These are some of the photos i took whilst i was there.

Finally getting into it. 

This has definitely got me in the mood to screen print more, even just in my spare time. You can never do too much i guess.