Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The Windows to What?

Wondering around my college building i realized how beautiful the ceiling was so i documented each vast window and created digital collage type pieces. After naming them, 'The Windows to What?' I will be using them as templates for further experimentation.

Digital Experimentation Piece.

Digital experimentation with repeat pattern and colour pallets. I think this is very successful, and will be creating more as part of a series.

Projection Prints.

After using the image in Photoshop i decided to turn to illustrator for a flatter image. This series of digital prints were my outcome.

Ongoing Projection.

Further experimentation from my light projection's. A clearer image with entwined shapes, and white background really gave my idea the cut it needed. I then went on to bring my idea's to life with a three dimensional installation.
This was my very low maintenance set up, i concentrated more on the results other than the piece as a whole. i was more specifically interested in the parts of projection that the shapes picked up and how i could use this to create something new.
This was the photograph that inspired me to experiment with the new images created, as part of an ongoing project. Further work to come.

Friday, 9 December 2011

New Image

From Sans Serif to new image. An experimentation using the manipulation of type to distract the viewer from perceiving the image as another other than language.

Two of a kind.

"Two of a kind." A duo of finalized experimentations, exploring the way we percieve  basic shape and colour in our everyday routine.