Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Daylight Revolution

'Daylight Revolution' again inspired by Florence & The Machine: No Light, No Light.
I'm seeing a definite pattern,  i may have to concentrate on a 'Daylight series'. Next project figured.

Violent Daylight.

A duo of digital manipulation, created using multiple layers of the same optical image. I enjoyed this project so much i decided to call its outcome, 'Violent Daylight'. With inspiration from Florence & The Machine: No Light, No Light.

Optical Accident.

A series of 'Optical Accident's' composed with triangles, created on photoshop. They may hurt my eyes, but i love them. Variations to come soon.

Structure Experimentation.

 A representation of Firstsite's Structure. On-going three dimensional collage experimentation. 

Mico Toledo

Mico Toledo creates brilliant combination's of famous musical quotes, typography and graphic design. He 'creates these “Music Philosophy” posters to give his followers a weekly dose of song quotes.' Which i think is beautiful, this could be an outlet for my overheard collection.

Matt Wisniewski

Student at Rochester Institute of Technology and web developer, Matt Wisniewski an amazing image manipulator. This piece is from a series of mixed media collages.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011